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For all those who take care of their hair: the professional quality Braun FuturPro Ion-Care hair-drier; 2000 W power; independently-adjustable heat and speed settings (3 x2 combinations); 80% more negative ions for less static, healthier, shinier hair. It has two standard add-ons: Concentration nozzle for styling and volume diffuser for curly hair.

The windows have outer aluminum shutters filled with polyurethane foam for perfect light, sound and thermal isolation.

There are four oil-filled marble heaters each with its own temperature control.

Lots of unused electrical sockets mean that you can simultaneously recharge or use numerous electrical gadgets which have become the unalienable part of everyday life - mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, external hard drives...

There is a TV set and a DVD player in every room.

One of the two sofas in the living room folds out into a double bed. However, the way they are, only without pillows, each of these two sofas is a quite comfortable single-person bed (75 x 200 cm)

Anti-allergen quilts and pillows: Lio pillows in two sizes for comfortable rest of even the most sensitive sleepers and “four season” quilts (each quilt consists of two layers which are joined together in winter, while during the less cold seasons only one of these two is used). There are 5 sets of such quilts (one is a back-up) and another two large heavy blankets for the very cold-sensitive, as are another four fleece blankets.

Cotton sheets and towels.

Steam electric iron and ironing board, and clothes rack which can be placed on the balcony fence are also at guests’ disposal.

Each room has its own balcony.

Cotton slippers washed after every visit.

Contact telephone +31 681364679 * E-mail: milkomali@yahoo.com